MOPurbandesign is a team of spatial designers, that work in-between strategic design and process management, urbanism, landscape and architecture

MOP works both for public authorities and private developers

MOP works both nationally and internationally

MOP's work is based on 4 principles: research by design, proces management, multidisciplinarity, technology

MOP is constantly evolving and researching to be able to formulate an appropriate answer for each challenge and to respond creatively to social tendencies


2018-10-11 / The Kanaaltuinen are entering yet another phase!

Another part of the ongoing Kanaaltuinen project in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, developed by Zabra Real Estate, is advancing! An environmental permit has been issued for an Urban villa with a direct access from Edward Debaerdemaekerstraat.  This building will contain 22 units that will benefit from a great orientation and uninterrupted views to the new park, also designed by us. Moreover, this was our first experience with building a model in BIM-software and we are proud of the result. Head over to our website for more pictures and information.

2018-09-13 / MOP is running!

MOP started with some good resolutions over the summer: Healthy lunches, less plastic waste and more exercise. Less stress and more focus. Join us in the parc across the offices every Thursday!

2018-09-01 /

2017-03-08 / 7 Million euro Salk-geld for the approch of the crossroad Grote Baan-Dorpsstraat in Houthalen

" We are really happy of Ben Weyts' (N-VA) decision to give us 7.5 million euro for the access of the city center of Houthalen." , said the mayor Alain Yzermans (sp.a) and the first alderman Jef Verpoorten (CD&V). "He passed the budget of the flyover the Koolmijnlaan to teh crossroad grote Baan-Dorpstraat. There is koming a big underground passage which make the link between the two sides of the city center."

                                                                                                          Het Belang van Limburg, 25-26/02/17


MOPurbandeisgn is happy to tell you we won the design competition for the dyke of Middelkerke!

We have seen the reinforcing van the coastline and the unique properties of the environnement as the opportunity t design a green dyke, a big added value for Middelkerke et Westende.

This is the beginning of a huge adventure with the municipality, the involved parties and our partners: Cluster, Plantec, SBE, Ecorem, SBE, Deltares and Driekwart groen! We are looking forward to this promising collaboration.



2016-05-19 / Congres public space

On the 19th of May, Philip gave a talk on the third ‘Public Space Congres’, with Jan Boots (CityD). They discussed the design of public space in commercial areas and city centers – with the eternal dilemma between functionality and living quality.

More info on:

2016-04-18 / Strategic workshop in Caixas

MOP is planning a strategic internal workshop in Mas d’en Souris in Caixas (South of France). We had already designed the landscape around this beautiful house and also rethought the interior design that was finalized this spring. Now we will go there with the whole team to work on our vision and methodology. We will also invite Ramon Garcia Bragado and Oriol Clos to build our strategy together.

2016-04-01 / The works have started for the Kanaaltuinen project!

The works for the public space for the residential project of Kanaaltuinen in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw have started. That means de start of the first phase of the masterplan with the first urban villa’s and family housing. More info on:

2016-03-11 / Neighbourhood reception in Aalst

Together with the City of Aalst and with Oksigen Lab, we organised a ‘neighbourhood reception’ in the former ‘Rijkswachtkazerne’ (State Police station). We invited social organisations, entrepreneurs en inhabitants to get to know the site and the project for a new ‘incubator’. They could give input around three possible images for the site and the future design of the central open garden.

2016-03-01 / Strategic vision for Mechelen

MOPurbandesign is working on a strategic framework for the city of Mechelen. Based on several multidisciplinary 'themes', the city will actively work on the resilience of its commercial core. Together with CityD, MOP will also make a retailplan and develop different concrete projects for Mechelen.