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Hera Van Sande

Hera Van Sande

She studied civil engineer-architect in Ghent. After her studies, Hera Van Sande went to Japan for doctoral research. She studied at the Shibaura Institute of Technology under Professor Miyake. She holds a PhD in engineering with the highest distinction from the doctoral degree “Kunio Maekawa,
a modernist in search for Japanese identity.”

Since 1993 also working as an independent architect. She has worked on several occasions with
the renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito: as a project architect for the pavilion at the Burg in Bruges 2002, as a team member for the architecture competition Muziekforum in Ghent in 2004 and competition De Krook in Ghent in 2010.

Hera worked as artistic collaborator for Ostend Werft, a non-profit organization that initiates, inspires and guides communication and debate about urban transformations, from 2004 to 2019. She is currently artistic director of vzw Archipel, an architecture organization that promotes spatial and
awareness of architectural quality in Flanders.

In the past she worked as editorial associate for the renowned magazine A + U (Architecture
and Urbanism) in Tokyo from 2003 to 2010, and as curator for various exhibitions for Ugent. Currently lecturer Sustainable Design Studio first master Vrije Universiteit Brussel and teacher Structural Contingencies Studio first master KULeuven Faculty of Architecture.

Currently director of JUNO architects (formerly BDP).

Recently forces were joined with MOP Urban Strategies, to start an office called MOP+JUNO, where she is founding partner.