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MOPurbandesign + JUNO architects -> MOP+JUNO


The world is facing major societal changes. Mobility, energy, health, economy and climate require an important U-turn. Many of our clients want to respond ambitiously to this transformation. MOPurbandesign and JUNO architects are preparing a joint strategic approach to this U-turn. For
some time, they have been elaborating on the content of a new studio that fully engages their past experience with these new challenges. Since January 2020 MOP+JUNO are giving form to this new

# strategy # design

MOP+JUNO’s main focus will be on the strategic pre-phase of a project. We notice in our contact with all different type of clients a growing demand for strategic expertise in order to transform
ambitions into projects: opening up of the question, involving shareholders and stakeholders, deployment of foresight, scenario thinking, fitting together complex puzzles, structuring qualitative space, realization of a unique on the spot grafted space, reaching of financially workable and interesting proposals, creating fundamental basis, ... This pre-phase is the only guaranty for
a solid and futureproof foundation of complex projects. An investment that increases guarantees for the future, the necessary trust between the project and its share- and stakeholders, and the
realization of futureproof, achievable and at the same time ambitious projects.

# ideator # initiator

MOP+JUNO present themselves as ideator, a thinktank for new models with territorial impact. We notice a very limited offer of programmes ... housing, shops on the ground floor, office spaces, co-working spaces, day-care centres, and in the case of larger transformational projects: conference centres, hotels, etc.

A resilient city or project needs more: we are convinced that the massive societal transformation require new programmes or serious adaptations of existing ones. Therefore MOP+JUNO will also initiate and launch projects: projects that will create a new opportunity in terms of mobility, in terms of green implementation, in terms of social and other supplies, ... initiatives that respond to the disconnections in the society or in the urban model.

One of these projects is ‘Invest Your Street’ with which we are searching for answers for the last mile at the level of the streets: how to add value to the street by providing integrative solutions for parking, energy, green, waste, mail delivery.
A second project is the establishment of a ‘Retreat Centre’ in Belgium, inspired by and with the support of the splendid Mandali Retreat Centre in Northern Italy.
As a response to an enormous need for spirituality, peace and quiet, ...

‘Spaces create dreams and dreams come true.’