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Presentation MOPurbandesign


MOPurbandesign is a team of strategic spatial designers, that designs projects with an important social, economic and spatial impact. From strategic vision to feasibility study or masterplan, design of public space or architecture; we understand every project as a landscape that  is integrated in its surroundings, creates coherence and adds meaningful value. Our projects therefore show prominent overlaps between strategy, urban design, landscape and architecture. 


MOP guides public authorities as well as private developers, nationally and internationally, in shaping and realising strategic urban and infrastructural projects.


We collaborate intensely with a multidisciplinary team, with our clients and the stakeholders of the project, that determine together the ecosystem of the place. We aim to look for ‘shared value’: added value in different fields. We want to shape the synergy between stakeholders. That way, we reach unique results, at the size of the place and the client. We don’t leave the project, until we have reached this goal together and have lifted the project on a high level of ambition.